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Along with César Lerner and Natasha Jitomirskaia, Ramón Tasat shares Jewish holiday songs in this album. Included are examples of traditional melodies from Holland, Italy, and Constantinople. Two songs from Morocco are also part of the album and reflect a Moorish feeling.

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Hag LiIt is a holiday for meSephardic Hebrew
2 beRosh haShana MatkhilaThe Jewish New Year beginsSephardic Hebrew
3 Shehecheyanu Sephardic Hebrew
4 Hi Torah Lanu NitanaThis is the Torah that was given to usSephardic Hebrew
5 beRosh haHashana Parkha ShoshanaAt the Jewish New Year a rose bloomedSephardic Hebrew
6 Barkhi NafshiBless my soulSephardic Hebrew
7 BaShana haBa'aNext YearIsraeli Hebrew
8 Psalms For Rosh Hodesh: A) Halelu Et A' B) Pitchu Li Sha'arei Tzedek C) Odekaha Ki Anitani Sephardic Hebrew
9 Ptakh Lanu Sha'arOpen the gate for usSephardic Hebrew
10 Shlomit Bona SukkahShlomit builds a SukkahIsraeli Hebrew
11 Mi Pi ElFrom the mouth of G-dholiday Hebrew
12 Mi halsh-Al Taster PanekhaDo not hide your faceliturgical Hebrew
13 'Ose ShalomMay He make peaceliturgical Hebrew
14 Al Col EleOn all these thingsIsraeli Hebrew
15 Shuvu La TorahReturn to the Torahliturgical Hebrew
16 TefillahPrayerliturgical Hebrew

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