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Although Chag Sameach is an appropriate greeting for any holiday, it literally means “joyous festival”. Judy Caplan Ginsburgh's beautiful and clear voice singing holiday songs is sure to make any holiday a joyous festival for your family.

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Chag SameachHappy Holidaychildren holiday Hebrew English
2 Shabbat Shalom children holiday Hebrew
3 Mayafeh HayomHow Love is this Daychildren holiday Hebrew
4 Shabbat KodeshA Holy Sabbathchildren holiday Hebrew English
5 Hayamin CholfimThe Days Passchildren holiday Hebrew English
6 Basuka ShelanuIn Our Succahchildren holiday Hebrew English
7 Degel TovA Good Flaychildren holiday Hebrew English
8 Y'me (sic.) [Y'mey] HachanukahThe Days of Chanukahchildren holiday Hebrew English
9 Ner LiI Have a Candlechildren holiday Hebrew English
10 HanerotThe Candleschildren holiday Hebrew
11 1-2-3-4-5 Brave Maccabees children holiday English
12 Burn, Little Candles children holiday English
13 One Little Candle Fire children holiday English
14 Chag ShalomA Holiday of Peacechildren holiday Hebrew English
15 A Wicked, Wicked Man children holiday English
16 I've Got a Little GroggerI've Got a Little Noisemakerchildren holiday English
17 Utza EtzaWhatever You've Plannedchildren holiday Hebrew
18 All Aboard for Shushan children holiday English
19 Eliyahu HanaviElijah, The Prophetchildren holiday Hebrew
20 DayenuEnough for Uschildren holiday Hebrew
21 Adir HuHe is Noblechildren holiday Hebrew English
22 Avadim HayinuWe Were Slaveschildren holiday Hebrew English
23 Little Torah - Torah LiMy Torahchildren holiday English Hebrew
24 Yismach MosheMoses Will Rejoicechildren holiday Hebrew English
25 It's Good to be a Jewish Child children holiday English
26 Hevenu Shalom AlechemWelcome to Youchildren holiday Hebrew

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