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Susan Cogan and Fran Avni combine their unique talents on this album, most of which was recorded in Montreal in 1986. Additional material was added and the original recordings were remastered in 2002 to produce the current album.

* Songs marked * are not available for play due to copyright restrictions.

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 AhuviMy BelovedIsraeli Hebrew
2 Bat MayimThe Daughter of WaterIsraeli Hebrew
3 AdamaLandIsraeli Hebrew
4 Roeh V'roachA Shepherd and ShepherdessIsraeli Hebrew
5 Shir TishreiA Song about TishreiIsraeli Hebrew
6 Mi Yitneni OfWho Will Give me Wings?Israeli Hebrew
7 V'natan Etz HasadehAnd He Will Give Trees of the FieldIsraeli Hebrew
8 Tapuach ChinaniMy Favorite AppleIsraeli Hebrew
9 Kol DodiThe Voice of my BelovedIsraeli Hebrew
10 Shnai ShoshanimThe Two RosesIsraeli Hebrew
11 Ana Panah DodechWhere has Your Lover Gone?Israeli Hebrew
12 * Tsipor Shniyah *The Second BirdIsraeli Hebrew

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