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Belarsky sings selections from the Haggadah and traditional Passover songs. From the Hassidic Gut Yomtov, the traditional Ma Nishtanoh to the modern Tayere Malke, this album celebrates the passage of a people from slavery to national and religious independence.

Freedman Catalog at UPenn
# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Gut YomtovHappy Holidayholiday Yiddish
גוט יום־טוב
2 Kiddush liturgical Hebrew
3 Ho Lachmo Anyo liturgical Aramaic
הא לחמא עניא
4 Ma Nishtanoh liturgical Hebrew
מה נשתנה
5 Avodim HoyinuWe Were Slavesliturgical Hebrew
עבדים היינו
6 V'hi Sheomdoh liturgical Hebrew
והיא שעמדה
7 DayenuPassover Songliturgical Hebrew
8 B'chol Dor Vodor liturgical Hebrew
בכל דור ודור
9 Haleluyoh liturgical Hebrew
10 Betzeis Yisroel liturgical Hebrew
בצאת ישראל
11 Ani MaaminI Believeliturgical Hebrew
אני מאמין
12 Seder NachtThe Night of the Sederholiday Yiddish
סדר נאַכט
13 Shir LepesachSong For Passoverholiday Yiddish
שיר לפסח
14 Zog MoranSay Moranother Yiddish
זאָג מאַראַן
15 Yom Leyabasha liturgical Hebrew
יום ליבשה נהפכו מצולות
16 Piramidn other Yiddish
17 Beegozim Nesachekoh holiday Hebrew
באגוזים נשחקה

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