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This Yiddish operetta is about a wedding in a shtetl. To make matters interesting the rabbi's sons from a previous marriage are consumed with jealousy and try to sabotage the festivities. The plot thickens with secret letters and evil deeds. In the end, of course, everything works out and all is forgiven. Beautifully performed by the Bursteins: father Pesach, mother Lillian, and son Mike.

Freedman Catalog at UPenn
# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 A Wedding In Shtetl theater Yiddish
2 Shh, Here Comes The Bride theater Yiddish
3 Two Lovebirds; Shh, Here Comes The Groom theater Yiddish
4 Oy Veh, PapaOh Woe, is my Fathertheater Yiddish
5 Yossele and FeigeleJoseph & Robin [two names]theater Yiddish
6 A Wedding In Shtetl; Get Out!A Wedding in Town; Get Out!theater Yiddish
7 I'm Leaving My Parents theater Yiddish
8 Yossele The Actor; Sing a SongJoseph the actor; Sing a Songtheater Yiddish
9 Homesick; Shabbes At Mama's HouseHomesick; The Sabbath at my Mother's Housetheater Yiddish
10 Kunyetchnaickname [a dance]theater Yiddish
11 FeigeleRobintheater Yiddish
12 Elimelech and Yossele; After The Shabbes KugelTwo Names; After the Sabbath Puddingtheater Yiddish
13 Yossele's DreamJoseph's Dreamtheater Yiddish
14 Maybe There'll Be a MiracleWhat's The Meaning?theater Yiddish
15 Yossele Comes HomeJoseph Comes Hometheater Yiddish

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