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This is a comprehensive collection of Chanukah Playsongs for Jewish children. It includes march-along, dance, story and sing-along songs. The songs are narrated in English for the enjoyment of children, with lyrics and Script by Rosalyn Grossman.

Freedman Catalog at UPenn
# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Chanukah Blessing children holiday English Hebrew
2 Maoz TsurRock of Ageschildren holiday Hebrew English
3 The Chanukah Story  children holiday English
4 Candle Dance children holiday English
5 When Chanukah Comes  children holiday English Hebrew
6 Let's Make Latkes  children holiday English Hebrew
7 Dreydl Dance - S'vivon children holiday English Hebrew
8 Mi Y'emallelWho Can Retell?children holiday English Hebrew
9 Oy ChanukahOh Chanukahchildren holiday English Yiddish
10 Sheleg Al Ha-aretzSnow Is On The Groundchildren holiday English Hebrew
11 Sing Along  children holiday English
12 Maccabees, March (A Musical Game) children holiday English
13 Chanukah Rhythms (A Musical Game) children holiday English
14 Mattathias Bold (A 3-part round) children holiday English
15 Let's Play a Game of Dreydl children holiday English
16 The Ballad of Judah Maccabee children holiday English
17 A Chanukah Quiz children holiday English
18 The Ballad of Emmaus children holiday English

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