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Louis Danto's 50 years in music have been uniformly received with great acclaim by audiences and reviewers throught the world. He has performed in New York at Carnegie Hall and Town Hall, with the State Opera in Prague, in Israel, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Budapest and of course, in the communities which he served as Cantor.
Reviewers and audiences find him equally impressive in the Italian, Russian, German and French operarepertoires, as well as in the Yiddish and Cantorial music of which he is one of the world's leading exponents.

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Ezkera ElokimI Remember, O G-dcantorial liturgical Hebrew
אזכרה ה׳
2 Af BriAngel of Raincantorial liturgical Hebrew
אף ברי
3 Sh'ma YisraelHear, O Israelcantorial liturgical Hebrew
שמע ישראל
4 Akavia ben Mahalalel OmerAkavia Ben Mahalalel Sayscantorial liturgical Hebrew
עקביה בן מהללאל אומר
5 Hama'avir BanavHe Who Causes to Passes His Childrencantorial liturgical Hebrew
המעביר בניו
6 RetzePlease Acceptcantorial liturgical Hebrew
7 Lo Amut - Pitchu LiI Shall Not Die - Open For Mecantorial liturgical Hebrew
לא אמות - פתחו לי
8 Shalom Rav eal IsraelPeace for Israelcantorial liturgical Hebrew
שלום רב על ישראל
9 Mi She'assa NissimHe Who Performed Miraclescantorial liturgical Hebrew
מי שעשה נסים
10 Yisrael Betach Ba'HashemIsrael, Trust The Lordcantorial liturgical Hebrew
ישראל בטח בה׳
11 Hine Ma TovSee How Beautifulfolk Hebrew
הנה מה טוב
12 Aromincha Hashem (with Cantor Keren)I Shall Raise G-dcantorial liturgical Hebrew
ארוממך ה׳
13 Sheva BrachotSeven Wedding Blessingscantorial liturgical Hebrew
שבע ברכות
14 Im Eshkachlech YerushalaimIf I forget Thee, Jerusalemfolk Hebrew
אם אשכחך ירושלים
15 HavdalaHe Who Separatescantorial liturgical Hebrew
16 Keil Ma'ale RachamimAs the Merciful Godcantorial liturgical Hebrew
לק מלא רחמים
17 She'ybone Bais HamikdoshThat the Temple Be Rebuiltcantorial liturgical Hebrew
שיבנה בית המקדש

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