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Cantor Gershon Sirota - European Recordings (1908) Vol. 5

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Rezei wennhoseinu (sic)[Retsey bimnukhoteynu][Grant Us Rest]cantorial Hebrew
2 Schlosch eschrei midos (sic)[Shalosh Esreh Midote][The Thirteen Attributes]cantorial Hebrew
3 Tikanto schabos (sic)[Tikanta Shabbat][You Proclaimed the Sabbath]cantorial Hebrew
4 Umipnei Chatueinu[Because of Our Sins]cantorial Hebrew
5 Unsane Toikef (sic) [Unettanneh Tokef][Let Us Declare]cantorial Hebrew
6 Uwnuchoj Jomar (sic)[Uvnucho Yomar] Rock Of Israelcantorial Hebrew
7 Wehosor Soton (sic) [V'ha-sar Sa-tan][And Remove Satan]cantorial Hebrew
8 Weschomru (sic)[V'shomru][And They Shall Observe]cantorial Hebrew
9 Wschomru (sic) [V'shomru][And They Shall Observe]cantorial Hebrew
10 Weseorew olecho (sic) [V'te-erav Alechah][May It Be Acceptable]cantorial Hebrew
11 Zadik Katomor[The Rightous Flourish Like a Palm Tree]cantorial Hebrew
12 Zur Isroeil (sic) [Zur Israel][Rock of Israel]cantorial Hebrew

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