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Cantor Gershon Sirota - European Recordings (1906-1907) Vol. 2

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Jhi rozejn Schetsehadeisch olenu (sic) [Y'hee Ratzon Sh'techadesh aleynu][Renew our Life]cantorial Hebrew
2 Kol Nidrei[All Vows]cantorial Hebrew
3 Odon Jsedo Meofor (sic) [Adam Yesdodo Meafar][Man, His Origin is Dust]cantorial Hebrew
4 Rzei (sic) [R'tzey][Accept Our Prayers]cantorial Hebrew
5 Ail Mole Rachmim (sic) [Eyl Moley Rachamim]God Full of Mercycantorial Hebrew

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