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Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1916-17) Vol. 5

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Zadik Adoshem Behol Drochow ( from Slichoth)[Righteous God in all His Doing]cantorial Hebrew
2 Lechu Nranenu (from Slichoth)[We go and Celebrate]cantorial Hebrew
3 El Molei Rachmim (sic) [Eil Malei Rachamim][God, full of compassion]cantorial Hebrew
4 Kol Nidre[All Vows]cantorial Hebrew
5 Eili, Eili[My Father, My Father (Why Has Thou Forsaken Me)]folk Hebrew
6 Elegie art Hebrew
7 Meloch al kol Hoolom[(He) Rules Over the Entire World]cantorial Hebrew
8 Haben Jakir Li[The Son is Dear to Me]cantorial Hebrew
9 Yaleh (sic) [Ya-aleh][May Our Supplication Arise]cantorial Hebrew
10 Hineny Heony (sic) [Hineni He-ani][Here I am, poor] [suggesting deficient in deeds]cantorial Hebrew
11 Uvinu Malkeinu galeh (sic) [Avinu Malkeinu Galei][Our Father, Our King, Reveal]cantorial Hebrew
12 Weaf hu hoyoh mischaven (Fun der Avodeh) (sic) [V'af Hu Hayah Mitkavein][And even he would prolong]cantorial Hebrew
13 Zaroh Chayu[Seed our well being]cantorial Hebrew
14 Zorea Tzedokos (sic) [Zoreia Tz'dakot][Sowing Righteousness]cantorial Hebrew
15 Es Zemach Dovid[The Seeds of David]cantorial Hebrew
16 L' El oirech dyn[A Lawyer to God]cantorial Hebrew
17 K'Vakoras[As A Shepherd Mustereth His Flock]cantorial Hebrew

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