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This musical celebration of Chanukah narrated and performed by Shimon and Ilana is entertaining and informative. Your children will want to join with theirs in singing these festive songs.

# TitleTranslationGenre Language
1 Y'mey Ha-cha-nu-kahThe Days of Hanukkahchildren holiday Hebrew
ימי חנכה
2 Neyr LiChildren with Candleschildren holiday Hebrew
ילדים בנרות
3 Y'ladim Ba Nerot children holiday Hebrew
הקשב ועכב אחרי
4 Listen, and Follow Me children holiday English
חנכה מתחילה הערב
5 Chanukah Begins Tonight children holiday Hebrew English
מעוז צור
6 Ma-Oz Tzur - Rock of AgesRock Of Ageschildren holiday Sephardic Hebrew Ladino
מעוז צור
7 Chanukah Blessings children holiday Hebrew
נרכות חנכה
8 The Dreidle Song children holiday English
שיר הסביבון
9 S'Vi VonDreidlechildren holiday Hebrew English
10 Once There Was a Time children holiday English
היה היה פעם
11 Peh-Leh Pla-imWonder of Wonderschildren holiday Hebrew
פלא פלאים
12 Ha-Yoh Ha-Yah IshOnce thjere was a Manchildren holiday Hebrew
היה היה איש
13 Ha-Ney-Rot Ha-La-LuThose Candleschildren holiday Hebrew
הנרות הללו
14 Shine Little Candles children holiday English
נצצו נרות קטנים
15 Chanukah,Chag Ya-FehChanukah,a Beautiful Holidaychildren holiday Hebrew English
חנכה, חג יפה
16 Mi Y'Ma-LeylWho can Retellchildren holiday Hebrew English
מי ימלל

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