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# TitleGenre Language
1 Kadeish Ur'chatz Icantorial Hebrew
2 Kadeish Ur'chatz IIcantorial Hebrew
3 Kadeish Ur'chatz IIIcantorial Hebrew
4 Candle Blessingcantorial Hebrew
5 Kiddush Icantorial Hebrew
6 Kiddush IIcantorial Hebrew
7 Shehecheyanucantorial Hebrew
8 Ha Lachma Icantorial Hebrew
9 ha Lachma IIcantorial Hebrew
10 Ma Nishtana Icantorial Hebrew
11 Ma Nishtana IIcantorial Hebrew
12 Ma Nishtana IIIcantorial Hebrew
13 Where's Baby Moses?art English
14 Building Cities/ Pharoah's Frogart English
15 No, No, No, No, No; Listen King Pharoahart English
16 Maer Moshe (Go Down Moses)cantorial Hebrew
17 Avadim Hayinuliturgical Hebrew
18 Baruch Hamakomliturgical Hebrew
19 V'hi She'amadaliturgical Hebrew
20 Ten plaguesliturgical English
21 Dayeinuliturgical Hebrew
22 B'chol Dor Vador Iliturgical Hebrew
23 B'chol Dor Vador IIliturgical Hebrew
24 V'nomar L'fanavliturgical Hebrew
25 B'tzeit Yisrael; Mah L'cha Hayamliturgical Hebrew
26 Mose Salio De Misrayimliturgical Hebrew
27 Miriam's Songart English
28 Pesa a La Manoliturgical Ladino
29 When You Believeart English
30 Shir Hama'a lotliturgical Hebrew
31 Birkat Hamazonliturgical Hebrew
32 Ani Ma'aminart Hebrew
33 Eliyahu Hanavi' Mir'yam Han'viahliturgical Hebrew
34 Eliayhu Hanaviliturgical Hebrew
35 Hodu Iliturgical Hebrew
36 Hodu IIliturgical Hebrew
37 Min Hameitzarliturgical Hebrew
38 Pitchu Liliturgical Hebrew
39 Ki Lo Na'ehliturgical Hebrew
40 Adir Hu Iliturgical Hebrew
41 Adir Hu IIliturgical Hebrew
42 Echad Mi Yodeiacantorial Hebrew
43 Kien Supiese U Entendieseart Ladino
44 Chad Gadyaliturgical Hebrew
45 S'firat HaOmerliturgical Hebrew
46 Chsal Siddur Pesachliturgical Hebrew
47 L'shana Haba'a Iliturgical Hebrew
48 L'shana Haba'a IIliturgical Hebrew

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